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About Onix Payment Gateway, Inc

Onix Payment offers affordable credit card processing solutions. The product mix includes ecommerce functionality, mail/telephone commerce, high volume offline credit card processing and retail commerce. Emerchant has all the ecommerce tools you need to sell successfully online and grow your business.

Onix Payment's History

Onix Payment was founded in 1995 with a goal of developing an ecommerce solution which included an Internet storefront with transaction technologies marketed to all-sized merchants from brand new businesses to high volume businesses.

Onix Payment believed there was a "merchant need" for an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use Internet store building and secure online transaction producing system. The envisioned system would minimize the merchant's required knowledge of computer hardware, software, and programming. Instead of selling the software, Onix Paymen made a strategic choice to license the technology as an affordable monthly service and compete in the ecommerce marketplace as a low-cost, high volume provider.

Providing such a product dictated the integration of three separate businesses into one company: the ecommerce solutions business, the payment gateway/payment network business and the merchant services business. Onix Payment is a full service Merchant Service Provider.

Onix Payment Today

Today, Onix Paymen offers a full range of merchant solutions for ecommerce as well as retail and mail order/telephone order customers. Emerchant prides itself on its high level of security, customer support and being able to put merchants on the road to success.

Onix Payment Facts

Since 1995, Onix Paymen has set up over 20,000 businesses and is an industry leader in internet merchant processing services.

Onix Payment provides the highest level of security against credit card fraud and has achieved compliance in Visa USA's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP).Onix Paymen is one of a select group that Visa has thoroughly reviewed and can assure card users that the utmost security is used to protect credit card information from fraud.Onix Paymen is a registered ISO/MSP with Key Bank National Association, Cleveland, Ohio.Onix Payment uses the processing services of various third parties.

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